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So.....I see where the two women that seem to haev some of the most fun playing, can't give up the wonderful WW on Thursday for your own league.

I know that there used to be a Ladies Night Out "league" (no payment, if you left early, so what) on Thursday at Rosey.  What night would work for the ladies to get together and play?

I had heard that the free flowing Thursdays at Rosey were a good time for most, as they could fit it into thier schedule, and liked the fact that it was "free to play as you want", be it 5 holes, 12, or 18, it was more about getting the girls/women together to meet and enjoy disc golf.

Thought that I'd start a new thread with this info, and see if you can take it to where it needs to go!

Becky S:

--- Quote from: jack on March 03, 2010, 09:40:37 AM ---What night would work for the ladies to get together and play?

--- End quote ---

I love the idea of the event! For me, the best night would be a day...Saturday or Sunday. : ) But if it needed to be a night, Tuesday would be my first choice, and Monday my second. Although I'd have to play Cliff Drive league every now and again, just because I finally don't hate the course. (okay, I really even like it a lot now!)

There has been some talk about a Sat travling  league ,


me being one of those women i love my ww night...i just don't think i could bring myself to drive any further on the interstate either lol :) i would say monday night because tuesday i like swope too :)

Took my wife out today for her first round ever.  I hope to get her out a few more times and maybe this all girl thing would benefit her in the near future.


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