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Some Gates Closed during the winter
« on: November 18, 2005, 10:58:55 PM »

I would like the following statement  released to the press.

Effective December 1, 2005, the following entrance gates onto the Cliff
Drive Scenic Byway will be closed to vehicles for the winter, Gladstone
Blvd at the Kansas City Museum commonly referred to as  the Gooseneck, and
the Reservoir entrance. The Paseo entrance and the Gladstone Blvd entrance
at Elmwood will continue to remain open to vehicles during daylight hours
only. During inclement weather all entrances onto Cliff Drive Scenic Byway
will remain closed.  For additional questions, please contact Michael
Herron, Manager, North Region at 513-7500.

I am also thinking that we need to have some workdays at Cliff Drive.  We are planning on using the course for the Wide Open at this point.  We will be creating a new down under hole, with a new outlet out to the street.  We will be combining the current holes 10&11.  Vandals have stolen the chains from hole #6, a replacement set has been ordered.  I am out of town, but plan on moving the practice basket to hole #6 in the interim.  They also removed the chains from hole #7, they used these chains to make a swing, we were able to salvage enough chains to fix #7.

Goals for the course over the winter:
1-better marking of teeing area.
2-Possible pin placement behind tree to south (shorter)
3-Possible shorter pin placement at the shortest point of the grass between the road and reservoir, forcing OB concessions, and making it easier on time and players.
4-Not sure
5-Repaint road Teeing area.
6-Big change, start to work through tunnel shot out of the woods and thin the honeysuckle.  Create trail to the "music stand for bands" (if you don't know what that is you better call me and ask!)  Fix Chains, clean up the area for mowers, leaving enough foilage to try to prevent "Becketing" (errant discs over the cliff onto #12 or #13 fairways below)
7-Clear out more honeysuckle, new deeper placement, Mike Penney trail down.
8-Stairs.  Stairs.  Stairs.  Add mulch in Valley, remove "itchy plants" in ravine, tires, finish back trail, remove dead and cut trees out, spray honeysuckle.
9-Work on new placements.  Where the old tee used to be, re-clear the area to put another pin placement.  Clean Hill out and up to where #10 pad is currently for another placement, reinforce stairs.
10-New pad area just beyond current hill on #10 where blind spot starts.  We will be throwing to #11 basket is currently.
11-New Area you should work with me at development.  This will be teeing off from the East of the BIG DOWNED tree on #11 currently.  We will be playing up a Valley and need to create a new trail and egress points. This is going to be a SUPER cool addition to the course, and will eliminate a spotter need.  It should also address the safety concerns for the errant shot on #10.  You will still of course have to navigate through the trees, but the basket currently on #10 had some people that while working hard eliminated the protective foilage, and now it is possible for a solid shot to hit those on the current #11.  This move will address plenty of issues, but again will take many hours to clear out, the advantage is that we will be close to the road on Chestnut and the debris removal should be swift.
12-Start new teeing area on the "Right" side of the road (West).  No more throwing across the street, this pad will either be in the woods cleared out for the teeing area, or just above the rocks that protect the road on the South end.  We will need to watch the drainage from the underground springs that form during the warm months.  We will also need to continue to clear out the Honeysuckle against the the rock, and build a trail between the current placement and the pad of #13.  The pin on this hole in the original position has also been hit.  I would possibly like to place a deeper pin in the woods to the North of the current spot, and will need to clear out more lumber there of course.
13-Continue to clean up the Honeysuckle, trail with 12, and then start to thin out the area to the East of the current fairway.  Thin out the area up to the basket on 15 as well, and get as much of the soil to start to regenerate as we can for the mowing next year.
14-Clear out a Deeper placement to the SE of the current pin, make the view to the Lake even better, and then continual work on the removal of all the honeysuckle to expose the rock to viewers driving by on the roads to the South.
15-Deeper pin placement with clearing out down to the fairway of #13.  We need to also be mindful of the new teeing area on #6 to ensure protection.  
16-New pin placement to the North of the reservoir.
17-Clean up trash to the North. (This will be an on going battle)  We want to get down to the fence line.  There should be some trails to show up as we clear out the debris.  We can work with the P&R at a development plan to remove the refuse, we may have to close the road, and drop onto the road, and then have it picked up.  This will take a coordinated effort of many groups, and at least IMHO 30 people to make a small dent.  We will erradicate the honeysuckle as we travel, and then create an even more challenging placement with a precarious drop OB of the fence line.
18-Plant trees to replace the dying trees, clean up the bushes, remove ivy from the trees, and bushes, get rid of the mulberry trees growing in the bushes.

As you can see I have high expectations on this course.  We have requested PIAC funds, and are hopeful that they will come in with the need funds to move in some dirt to start to work on the teeing areas.  I have not addressed those as we will once we have funds.

Ok, back to time with Marley and Mom.

Have a great weekend, and if you can, please head to Blue Valley tomorrow.  Kreeger , Cashen and the community need your help.  This may be the last weekend you can get out and help, you will be required to handle Holiday seasonal tasks from now for the next 6 weeks!


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"Disc Golf-
Like ball golf, only faster,
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