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new holes #12-16
« on: November 24, 2005, 04:19:55 PM »
Everyone seems to really like the new holes.  Eventually on number 12 we will be throwing to the old number 15 long pin placements through a narrow ten foot opening in the trees.  On number 13 we will have a pin deep left and another straight out.  Also parks and rec is planting a few trees just to the right so I'll have a harder time pulling a bad shot towards the soccer stands.  On number 14 I'm putting a pin deep left down by the lake.  On number 15 parks and rec has already scraped out where a long tee pad is going in.  Also the 15 fairway eventually will be ALL the way up to that row of big trees WAY UP the hill where I will put another pin placement (could end up being a par 4).  I hope to install a long tee on 16 way back and next to the fence.  It'll make that hole look awesome.  Occasionally we will play 16 to the old long 12 pin placement.  Also we put in a long number 2 pad.  I hope to put in a long number 9 tee pad and another pin placement for 9, as well as a few other pins on some other holes.  If you have any other cool ideas for new pads or pin placements, let me know.  I had a number of other people out to look at holes 12-16 to contribute ideas and I think it worked out great.  Come on out to Saturday morning league (we usually play doubles) at 11:00 and Monday evening there's a glow league that starts just after 6:00 hosted by Tom Butler.   :D  :D  :D