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FUZZZY PONY TOURNAMENT- APRIL 3- A few spots still available

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There is about 10 golden tickets still available for the fuzzy pony on saturday April 3rd.  It is a private course on 30acres.  The best way I can describe the cours is Swope times 10.  ., Biscuits and gravey for breakfast (small donation to humane society),  Lunch and dinner will be provided. Beer will be flowing all day. For info go to or call me at 816-506-1122.  There is only 45 spots available. There will be a glow round after the tourney.    There is camping on my land if anyone is interested.  Don't miss out it TO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!  Hope to see you there, Halbaby

The Fuzzy is the Shizzy!!     Great golf!  Great people! Great land!  Great food! Great times! etc.....

this looks like a good time. what are the courses like??

The Bird Father:
The main course plays in a horse pasture behind the house....does remind of of swope alot with elevation and trees...use the same baskets on a couple holes...but very well laid out.  The front side is alond the driveway into the farm and has some cool shots....there is a ton of land, so don't think that this is just pitch and putt's not!

Last year they had music playing at tourney central and you could hear it throughout the course...very cool!!  The beer was good, but the food was even better...especially biscuits and gravy.

This is about 11 miles from my front door, so if the weather is too crappy for glow...I will probably have some people over for poker or something at my place since I will be a bachelor for that whole week.

If you are staying for the night round throw a sleeping bag in the car just in case.  The head brewer from 23rd Street Brewery is playing and is planing on tapping a keg of his special Hopsidean Dark Ale for the night round..  This beer is the bomb, its an 8.5% dark ale with an incredible chocolate finish.  Plan ahead and bring the bag and we will find you a place to curl up after the night round if you need it.

See you at the pony and as of 15 minutes ago there is one less golden ticket available.



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