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Young Park Tourney- Sunday, May 23rd

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john theiss:
Still working out most of the details for this tournament on Sunday, May 23rd. What i do know is that we are going to have a two round event at Young Park, which means NO TRAVELING!   Still working/coming up with a  name for the event so if you  got anything good i would like to hear it.  I like the "Eastern Front", which Palmer suggested.  This is a good name when/if we combine Lee's Summit, P hill or  Young Park next year.


another name that i came up with was the East Side Throwdown

Any word of when they are planting the baskets?

john theiss:
They will not be planting the baskets  :).  they will be planting flowers, bushes, shrubs, and putting down grass seed. 

Baskets will not be installed  until mid May.  We want the grass to take hold before it gets completely trampled. 

There will be a grand opening event on Sat, May 22nd.  You get a $5 dollar disc and if you finish your round and turn in your score card you will be eligible for raffle prizes.  This event is to promote the course and get newbies out playing.  Very similar relaxed format like Disc Golf Day.   More details coming soon about the grand opening event. 

John I can probably help that day if you need it.


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