Author Topic: Lost Lt Blue surge at Prairie Center  (Read 562 times)

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Lost Lt Blue surge at Prairie Center
« on: May 02, 2010, 06:06:37 PM »
I lost a light blue surge on hole 10 @ Prairie center this afternoon, has my name and number on the bottom.

I say lost but I honestly believe it was stolen.  I could have sworn my drive was within 10-15 ft of the pin, I kind of meandered down the hill noting that a couple of those young trees are down and should be tended to.  I look down to the pin and see a man with a light blue disc in his hand exiting the park at that gate and getting into his truck.  I thought nothing of it till I get down there and can't find my disc.
I do believe that this man took it.  I hope I'm wrong, maybe in went into the storm drain that's near the pin, or i really didn't get that close and it's still out there.  I looked for twenty minutes and there is really no place for a disc to hide down there, if you find it please call me.  But you may want to be on the alert, you see an older brown pickup parked down by the far pin for hole 10 then you should keep an eye on your disc.
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