Author Topic: lost/stolen bright yellow bottom stamp eco star destroyer at prairie center ?  (Read 760 times)

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Saw the recent post and thought I should post this on here as well as the lost/stolen thread...

Around hole 5 tee. Drove a few on 18 and while walking up ran into a guy walking off the course through 18. Apologized for throwing without knowing he was there and he said "What'd you lose? I lose discs out here all the time." I was like, well I threw a few but I haven't even started looking for them. He said, "oh, well I saw a bright yellow disc by the tree next to the teepad." I saw the disc land and knew where it should be, but when I got closer it wasn't there. I looked for 20 minutes, was late for work, and I wouldn't really care that much, but I aced hole 1 long at Water Works with this disc so I would please like it if anyone comes across it. Dude was driving a black Jeep Liberty, but don't know him. If anyone does, let him know I didn't see it where he said it was...