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john theiss:
  The school board has been notified and the assistant superintendant has notified the principal of the school about several problems at Yates.  Neighbors have called the police about these issues.  There has been some talk about pulling the baskets as punishment.  the course will not be pulled at this point, but baskets being pulled is the next step.  I do not care if i piss anyone off with what i have to say. This is my course.  I built it, i raised the funds, i seeked the donations, and i broke my back out there.  If i see you doing these things(drinking, drugs, being loud and obscent) on my course i will call the police on you.  No one is above the rules and laws and i will do everything in my power to protect my baby.  This course was built for kids.  the money was awarded under intentions that kids would be using this course.  all are welcome to play the course when school is out.  I have had  enough of the dumb sh$% out there.  Quit acting like trash and be respectful of your surroundings.  For those of 99.9% of you that are respectable golfers i thank you. 


Well now....how do you really feel? ;D

John is absolutely right, and should encourage everyone to do the same if you see this type of behavior on the course.

realistically folks we have plenty of other places to play if you must/cannot play disc golf altered.

Don't do it here or any other park.  Fines and offenses are often doubled or tripled within school boundaries, so do everyone a favor and play somewhere else.

It would be a travesty to have an 18 hole course removed because people can not respect the school and the people that helped to bring our sport to its level.

One Thought though John is to remove them over the summer when school is out, I know it hurts the leisure activities of the kids using the course, but it may deter people from playing late night golf with the weather helping that time of the year......

Sux to have to post it here, I bet that most people reading this in here though are not the people doing this, but rather need to be the people helping to educate those that don't know.....

i've golfed there often, always with my kids, and when i've seen people there it's never been anyone i recognize.  hopefully this is the local indy crowd getting out of hand. 

sadly i see waaay too many beer cans there.  at a school. 
once i stumbled over some tools dropped onehitter between holes in the woods.  i'm no prude but can you imagine a parents reaction after that phone call on monday that their kid found some pot on the playground.  i'd go freaking bananas.

it's a nice neighborhood and won't take many complaints before the local indy poelice start walking back in there.  i hope that happens before john has to pull the baskets.


--- Quote from: hyzerponix on May 07, 2010, 03:12:57 PM ---
On the other hand, whiny-assed busy-body neighbors who buy houses next to a school that was there many years before said houses and then biatch about the happenings there can go F themselves as well. I bought a house that backs up to I-70 and you don't see me biatching about traffic noise and litter and crap like that. Buncha pricks.

--- End quote ---


Many people buy homes with idea of having it close to schools so that they are able to take advantage of the school system.  They want to protect their kids, so complaining about the issues that are being heralded by John seems to align with how most people would react to the negative and inappropriate actions that are being seen by the neighbors.

I don't think that this is entirely a negaitve busy body reaction, but maybe more of a "hey quit doing this in my kids school reaction."  If these problems existed before the disc golf course then that action should have been taken care of before hand, but if ( as I am fearful it is) it is a situation that has only happened because of the activity that was brought in, then if I were in the area, I would complain and ask how to better patrol the course to align with what I wanted to see happen at my kids school (realizing all the while Mike that your kids to attend this school).

Kevin Montgomery:
Put up a big sign warning offenders of serious repercussions and mount surveillance cameras. I bet it would reduce the occurrence of this stuff by at least 10% to 15%.

The sad fact is, the people that do things like this don't care about anyone but themselves. Good luck.


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