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Grand Opening Ribbon CuttingEvent May 22nd- Sponsored Blue Springs Parks and Rec

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john theiss:
If you are unable to make it out for the Eastern Front tourney on May 23rd, here is the opportunity to show some appreciation to a tremendous parks and rec dept.  The Blue Springs Parks and Rec will have an official ribbon cutting event at 10 am on Saturday, May 22nd.   The parks and rec will be handing out free commemorative Buzzzes.  I have nothing but praise for their efforts and once again, they are going above and beyond by having some free plastic for those that come out. One DGA representative responded to me "I have never ever had a parks superintendant that has been so involved and interested in a project.  Roscoe has shown great interests and was extrememly thorough." 

 We hope to have a strong showing of support for a parks dept that has been an advocate for professional course installation.  We want to continue to build upon the great alliances that we have with several surrounding parks departments.   The KCFDC is proud to have an ally like the Blue Springs Parks and Rec, who value and listen to those with experience and knowledge of disc golf.  Please join us in a celebrating the grand opening of one more course, being added to the plethora of great courses in KC. 

The parks dept has mentioned that after the opening weekend, depending on the maturation of the new seed, that there is a possibility for the baskets to be pulled.  They want to ensure that new growth is strong enough to withstand foot traffic.  So.... this is your chance to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TO A TREMENDOUS PARKS DEPT, GET A  FREE DISC, PLAY A NEW COURSE, AND INTERACT WITH SOME NEW PLAYERS.

Hope to see a  huge group of golfers May 22nd at 10 am.


John -

I am definetely going to try to get the day off from work for this event.  I am looking forward to seeing this beautiful course.  I have heard nothing but great things, and the times that I have driven by to walk it, I have been impressed.  Thanks for all your hard work on this course (as well as Yates)...I know it is going to be great.


Is there anywhere to see who has pre registered for the tourny on the following day?

Sounds like a great community event, and a super way to get that practice round in ;D

john theiss:

--- Quote from: Flickdaddy on May 09, 2010, 10:34:24 AM ---Is there anywhere to see who has pre registered for the tourny on the following day?

--- End quote ---

Eric, i will bring out a list.  just send me a text to remind me. 


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