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john theiss:
probable duece looks if advanced players (able to throw 300ft) and makes decent hyzer throws

#2 duece hole- hyzer
#6 duece hole-spike hyzer
#9 duece hole -hyzer
#11 duece hole-hyzer
#12 duece hole hyzer
#13 duece hole-hyzer
#14 duece hole for any skill
#15 duece hole
#16 duece hole for any skill-highly aceable

 nine birdie chances out there for advanced players and at least four for intermed and two for beginners. 

1 3 4 5 6 7 8 15 17 18 are all close to 300 ft. in the short setting aready. for a beginer it wont make much a a differnce if its 50- 150 ft longer. the point is to have fun not to worry about how long the holes are.
Also i am out there at least every other day and see a lot of rec players out there. i have talked to make and asked what they think. not one person comments on the baskets being too long. they see it as more of a challenge to be conquered.

Disc golf is about having fun

john theiss:
if you play ball golf how often do you get a birdie look, 1-2 birds per course is about the norm.    Why should beginners, intmed, adv players think they should shoot consistently at par or under?  A first time ball golfer shoots under 100 and they think that is spectacular.  If you shoot Legacy under 85 as a first timer i would think the same thing. 

Doug, you do not take beginners to a course that is a blue level course and wonder why it is so long.  The lenght of the course does not suit at beginner at this point.  If alternative pads were installed on some holes it  would make playing Legacy more enjoyable for beginners.  But  I would never take a beginner to Legacy i would take them to Phill or Yates.  What did you expect the newbie to shoot or say?  The course is a little longer than normal but  it also is mowed down short and this is a great time to be able to find your disc in the longer placements.  When the rough is taller it is frustrating to have  things long when all your shots are going into the rough. 

i agree that balance is a good thing and it is playing a little longer than normal but it wont be like that for months. 

john theiss:
Normal from what?  How it was set up in the past by Palmer or Dan?  You have two years to base that on?  Jay had them move a couple baskets a little longer and its not that big of a deal for a couple weeks.

 Contacting and bothering city officials with disc golf seems a little bit to be jumping the gun when it is low revenue generator for them.  All you are going to do is annoy the city and then they will go to a schedule rotation taking away from what the club has traditional done.   Give Jay some time to figure out a configuration before you call in the cavalry.  You just posted some stuff and i hope you do not expect Jay to jump right on your recommendations immediately.  You should be able to play in LS  but the course is not that much longer than it "normally is" so the beginners would be complaining regardless of 2-3 holes being longer.  Plus most new players complain about the rough out there, not the length.  Jay is right about having fun and give him some time get things all figured out.

Legacy is a long course for beginners even in the short positions, at least in my opinion.  The wind is almost always a factor at Legacy, and if you struggle to throw 300, it's going to give you trouble as is.  And if these beginners you speak of are just learning, Yates, a whopping ten minutes away, is the perfect place to be.  I don't see any problem in having the long positions set up for the few months of the year when the grass is mowed and you aren't terrified to throw a blind tee shot into grass three feet tall.  I understand the concern, but as John said, it's not a permanent move.  A majority of courses don't even have multiple pin placements, so why not enjoy and make the best of the options you do have?!?!


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