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great job blue springs parks dept!!!

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Played two rounds yesterday course has been mowed and weed wacked in a few places. Also there has been alot of hydro seeding done!!! Sweet. Park is looking great.

john theiss:
like i have said many times, BSPR do it right.  i would like to see them bring in a truck with tank sprayers and just spray the whole park down.  I remember them mentioning that it was too wet at one point to bring in trucks.  Bring in hydromulch is an impressive move, especially since we already had the grand opening and they could turn their attention else where.

They are committed and they will get this course looking fantastic.  Grant it, they do not have 270 parks to maintain,but Young will continue to look better and better as time goes on.  They really are a model parks dept.

GOT D??? do u:
Wish Lees Summit was that way ::).... Way to go Blue Springs Parks department only can hope this will force Lees Summits hand a little bit in park maintenance... it would be nice but i doubt it...  >:( I dont know how Lees Summit parks department can ever think it will draw a lot of users when they are only gonna mow the rough 4 times a year >:(.... 

John, you really have outdone yourself this time! The course is absolutely beautiful and full of unique and challenging holes. Some fairways have a bit too many trees for my tastes, but all in all the course is just awesome and a tremendous example of how to utilize a piece of land to its utmost potential. I was particularly moved when I saw your acknowledgment from the BSPR on the sign near the parking lot. Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations on creating such a great course!

GOT D??? do u:
Im sure John has the most hours involved but there were OTHER people involved in course LAYOUT & WORK that should be THANKED as well... not just JOHN... to those guys that contributed u know who u are THANKS


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