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GOT D??? do u:
OLD DOGS Dan C. & Steeler Doug VS. YOUNG BUCKS Eric Minton & me were basically tied up after 9 holes when Eric had to go... it was his wifes B-DAY so i finished the round playin CALI...

Cali Caleb beat the old dogs on a course that doesnt suit my game... Doug did manage to get it tied up at 2 down on hole 16 with a good drive & putt... nobody could break the tie both teams birdied 17 & choked on 18 so we went back to 17 to play it off & I won by deucing the hole...

I had thrown my Buzz (ACE DISC from P.Hill #7 :'( :'( :'() in to the trees on 17 & it carried across the pond hit dry fell in slid down the steep embankment into the water this was before the playoff hole... BOTH Dan & Doug threw their drives in the water on the playoff hole Dan's skipped across n barely stayed dry... Doug didnt get that lucky until we went in after the round... he found his disc & i found 1 of his that he threw in some other time & GOT MY ACE DISC BACK ;D ;D ;D I will be posting in the lost & found if i HAVE YOUR DISC!!!

Doug found 7 i found 15 WOW

watch out for that giant snapping turtle that lives in the bottom of that thing. rumor is it will take your foot off!!!! :-X

oh, i  lost an evolution sweet candy red wizard with a masonic symbol<no name> on the back, doobie 4 return

GOT D??? do u:
Dang that sucks didnt find THAT 1 not that i know of or have  :'( :'( :'( & that would have stood out amongst the junk

I lost a white roc in there.
Thornfield event stamp benefitting the KC Mounted Police Patrol.


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