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Cliff Drive Projects
« on: January 09, 2006, 11:49:59 PM »
Here is a list of items that could be done by some fine people that have time to donate to the great cause of building Disc Golf, and giving back to the courses:

All-Lay the bricks for tee-pad markers
All-Pull honey suckle out
(From Holes #6-17-go NUTS, but make sure you know what Honey Suckle looks like)
All-secure trash cans at teeing area so they can't be used as soccer posts, tire barrel fire pits, spin the dog down the hill rides, target practice (I can't hit a basket)
All-Paint Trash cans P&R Green, work with them on this, getting a stencil of the club logo with P&R logo (Guess that would be me huh?)

#1 Clean Tree on #1 of Poison Ivy
#1 Clean Bushes around #1 & #18 of the Trees growing in them
#1 Take Down dead Tree (need Parks help)

#2 Clear Trees on #2 and #18 of HUGE IVY VINE

#3 Clear out around Reservoir of Trees thin like other side of basin

#6 Work on hole for #6 (new teeing area)
#6 Continue to clear out #6 new teeing area
#6 Replace #6 Basket temporarily
#6 Trash and Tree Removal on New #6

#7 Remove debris by #7 pad of old cuttings
#7 Stairs down stronger path and tree removal on #7 new path to 8

Remove dead honeysuckle hole #7 new path
Remove dead honeysuckle hole #7 new path
Remove dead honeysuckle hole #7 new path

I think that made it in don't you? :)

#8 Work on stairs on #8, need a permanent solution for here
#8 Clear out area of trash
#8 Removal of all downed brush out to Chestnut down by #9 pad
#8 Clear out itch weed out of "alley" on #8, tear up grounds need tractor in this area, possibly build out erosion area and stari placement with big enough machine

#9 needs the North area of basket cleared, remember the old hole, if you can the teeing area needs to become an alternate place
#9 improve uphill climb with better stairs
#9 try to remove dead vines, NOT THE JAMIE BERRY WAY-don't hang on them and swing!!
#9 clear out the trees to the right area that has not really been touched, bring this and all debris down towards road (Chestnut)
#9 clear out for Crazy Vertical shot on left up the STEEP Cavern (after Wide Open)

#10 is changing, need to move tee pad to area past the hill, taking away blind shot, clearing out the teeing area currently for #11 and making the #11 basket the "new" #10 basket.  Work with CC for this project.

#11"new" work with Water Department at finding alternate pond shot, and utilizing the creek running through new idea, or.......plan a new path across the area where #11 is currently, then work back to path up to #12
Find or imrpve existing stairs up and out of "Down Under"

#12-start to work on new teeing area on W of road, back past the current tree line, will need to build above grade and level this area
#12 basket clear out deeper, replace old sleeve that has been hit, or see if it can get bent back
#12-continue to cut back to the rock, and clear out all debris and downed limbs to make "mower friendly" and build trail along rocks to #13 pad on hill
#12-work on new placement deeper than current location behind the burm, which means taking the honeysuckle out to the road go Deep, will find a home.  If you can see to #8 pad from there slightly, that would be cool, driving through the park, coming on a tunnel shot for disc golf, would make some cool scenery and beautiful shot, this section of the course can be some scenic disc golf for us

#13-clear out the hillside to the E & W of all honey suckle, and thin out to see road on hill even during summer, go with the Brandt Pfister rule of clearing it out and going to town on this area.  We want Trees left, but the Honeysuckle bushes can go
#13-remove trash from above area in question
#13-clear out the area for Party "Session" and fill up hole in that area
#13-get the "stage area on above Party area cleared out for stage presence and other opportunities
#13-Continue to clear out area towards #15 basket for easier "mow" and better vision to long placement
#13-replace bent original placement
#13-clear out all brushes out to the wall of the W of fairway, make "mower" friendly, or at least completely easy to see through, this includes removal of all downed brush that has been down over the years

#14-Clear out Honey Suckle to the S of the fairway, remove existing downed brush
#14-work alternate pad to the SE of current location upon completion of the honeysuckle removal and another slight tunnel shot
#14-continue to BP the teeing area, and work down to the lower level for the rock to be seen by all who drive by, even on Lexington

#15-clear out area to the E of Pad down to #13 fairway
#15-clear path to "Platform area" on #13 for staging area
#15-find deeper pin placement utilizing the new path to the staging area, build around to create bigger mowing circle

#16-continue to clear out trees from the reservoir
#16-new pin placement between trees

#17-CRAZY IDEA if we lose #11, and don't find an alternate way out, do we bring back in the toss across the street where we had a hole before that many loved?  Take it deeper towwards Prospect point, or down that hill, and make it a 250' par 3 unless you hit a HUGE lefty hyzer?  We then have the road to go across agin though, but I have heard many miss that shot, and it still keeps another short shot in the mix where the hillside comes inplay but not so much-again see CC first on this, lets see if we can get new #11 in first

#18-see #2 about removal of IVY on BIG trees

As you can see there is a lot of action items that I would like to see done.  This is about the best idea that I can come up with as I have been playing it through my mind.  Anything that anyone can do to help with this will be greatly appreciated.  All I ask is that when you do so you post here what you did, and how much time you spent in the park.  I want to let the P&R know what amount of hours we spend in each park if possible.

If you should have any questions please let me know.  We have a lot of work to do on getting this course ready for the visitors of the Wide Open, they will be treated to some tough and challenging golf.  I am not sure if we will get tee pads in prior to the event, but we may, I would like to plan as if we are not going to, and thus the reasoning behind the layer of the rocks on the pads.

We will once again have the Great American Cleanup in the park in April, and what to have plenty of work for that wonderful help to bring the course an even better look for 2006.


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Cliff Drive Projects
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2006, 07:52:58 PM »
moved to  new topic.....

A look at the course over time.
Mike Penney


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Cliff Drive Projects
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2006, 11:45:53 PM »
Marquee??? I would suggest one of these.....Any thoughts or plans for one? If so I'd be willing to help install it.

Mike Penney

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Cliff Drive Projects
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2006, 08:11:53 PM »
Ok so far this is what I have gotten done.

 Cut the new trail down 7. There is a massive downed tree in the middle of the valley that is really holding up the removal of the honeysuckle process down that hillside. Need to figure out a way to get it out of there. The sooner the better.
 Cut (and removed some of the) honeysuckle on the hillside east of 13's fairway.  I still need to cut more along the hillside, but when it's done it's really going to look awsome. For now though it's cut along the road (Cliff Drive Rd).  :D
 Cut along the road (Cliff Drive Rd) up to the hill behind 12's basket over to 8's tee. It still needs to be dragged away, but at the moment there's really no where to drag it to. Where's a parks truck when I need one :?:  :lol:  :lol:
 Today I cut along the road and up the plateau, along the hidden cliff north of the new trail down 7.

 All in all I have about 20 hours in out there. I could really use an extra hand if anybody wants to help. This whole side of the course is really starting to look completely different. With the Lexington Bridge being closed more people are useing Cliff Drive Rd to get across Chestnut. I saw about 20 joggers come through and more cars then normal. This is great exposure for disc golf and what we actually do for the parks. :D  :D  :wink:
Mike Penney

Mark Morales

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Cliff Drive Projects
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2006, 06:54:02 PM »
Mike, Great Job! Especially like the b4 pics and we all look forward to the after pics and progress.

I will assist with coordinating a work day with the course coordinator and other club  volunteers, Community Service Workers, (ACCENT), KCPR, for either the third (18) or fourth (25) Saturday in February 2006, at Cliff Drive.  Actually will work on partnerships with all groups, on numerous work days in the spring. We can prioritize the projects after i recieve confirmation from the KC Police Department, East Patrol Division.

I believe that we can all realize that the priority is the tons of honeysuckle brush that Mr. Mike Penney has cut down. We will have KCPR bring flat bed trucks, and other equipment that will benefit us.
I also would like to focus on fairway 13, by clearing the years of leaves accumalated from the numerous trees, and planting grass seed for easier mowing around the Party Area, as Jack alluded to.

Brant hopefully you are available either of these days. as we can always rely on you. and other club members. If anyone can not be available these days, call Jack, Mike or myself and we can direct you to the course needs individually, and supply grounds maintenance, and hand tools if needed.

Mike, there is talk at the Cliff Drive Corridor meetings, about opening all the gates at the four entrances to the Scenic By Way at Cliff Drive, because of the Lexington Bridge closing, for accessibility to the West to 1-29 and Independence Ave. Stay Tuned.

Mark Morales


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Cliff Drive Projects
« Reply #5 on: January 22, 2006, 11:03:01 PM »
Sorry I was not able to stay very long penny but on 2/04/06 I ready to thro down bro.. Any one else that want to thro down and help make this hole 7 ext. happen just post here.. and we will get down... :wink:  :wink:
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Mike Penney

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Cliff Drive Projects
« Reply #6 on: January 23, 2006, 10:51:23 AM »
Thanks Tim for the help. All help is appreciated. I sure could use more (lots more). On the new projects to date I have had a hand from the following people

Jack Lowe- 2 hours
Jeff Campbell- 1 hour
Tim Kienzle- 1 hour

Time is ticking until spring. Now is the time to get the ugly honeysuckle cut and removed. Once everything turns green it becomes more difficult to drag the brush off.

 So if you have time ( even just an hour ) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get in touch with me or Jack on how you can help. As we are planning to use this course for the Wide Open and it still has a long way to go before it's ready.

 Remember this is YOUR course, and any amount of help makes a HUGE difference.
Mike Penney


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Cliff Drive Projects
« Reply #7 on: January 24, 2006, 12:36:03 AM »
Wow, you guys are really going the extra mile to make this course happen.

Your well over half way there:  you have the man with the vision of the solution.

Jack is the man!  Do as he says!  Now! :lol: