Author Topic: Work Day Rosedale Down Under July 17th and 18th  (Read 654 times)

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Work Day Rosedale Down Under July 17th and 18th
« on: June 26, 2010, 06:47:00 PM »
In preperation for the LSDisc tournament we need to do a bit of work down under.

Here is my plan weather permitting

Saturday 8am till it gets to hot.

1.Trash and more Trash.....

This has become a major thorn, all that is in the trash cans is bottles. I will be proposing to the Wyandotte County Parks Dept. Some sort of recycle bid located between holes 9,10,12,18 basically close to the memorial for Brock. I hope this will help in eliminating all the bottles down there in the trash cans.

2. Cut tree branches up that have fallen on 3..... If anyone has a chain saw we can use I would appreciate it very much "Nick" I know you like cutting stuff up. But with new baby and all not sure if you can make it.

3. Weed eat holes 9 fairway, 17's fairway.


1. Resand or AB3 or what ever its called as many boxes as we can.

I will offer beer both days and FOOD will be bought on Saturday for all those who work.
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