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The Bird Father:
Alright all you with good memories, we are trying to compile a list of all the Aces hit for 2005.  If you hit one or more please list them here so we can publish them in the Newsletter.
If possible can you put the course, hole #, disc used, and if you want how much cash you won.


Is this for League Ace's only?

The Bird Father:
That is what it started out being but if you want to brag or make up a story about hitting one all by yourself...that's fine also...haha..joking

I suppose we should keep it to League Hits only, or if it was in a tourney.

Sounds good.  You might want to search this forum as well, I know a couple of them have been posted in the league results section.

The Bird Father:
That is wht I was trying to avoid, I have all the league sheets from this past year and there is a ton of stuff to sift through and try to find names.  Also trying to go through all the discussion threads trying to find aces takes a ton of time.  Not to mention some of the handwriting/chicken scratching on the league sheets looks like it was done with a hammer and chisel.... :lol:


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