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The eve of ICE BOWL

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Mad Dog:
On the evening (Saturday 28th) before the Ice Bowl I will be hosting numerous rounds of Ping Pong at Millennic Glass Gallery (19th & Wyandotte). This is open to all disc golfers and their dates/spouses, bring a paddle if you got them.

 There will be two tables situated in the gallery with 14 ft. ceilings and spot lights. Starting around six that evening there will food but you will need to bring your favorite poison (alcohol). This is really a social hour with a little sporting competition for amusement.

We will play an elimination round tournament as well as doubles matches and various singles matches. We will play until the K.C. Firemen show up and close us down.

maD doG, Christian Mann

Hey mad dog, you are having a ping pong tournament. Can I bring my foosball tournament and have a ping pong/foosball tournament


mister pfister:
...but I'm sure you'll have fun without me:) Drop me a line sometime; I am out of disc golf for about six months. Tore the Infraspinatus and Teres Major muscles: part of the rotator cuff group. Hurts like sh1t, but the swelling and bruising is about gone. Back to the doc again next week for surgery eval; hopefully not required. Anyway, have fun and enjoy the Ice Bowl...long live disc golf.

Kevin Montgomery:
Sympathies to you Brant. Sorry to hear you were injured. Heal up and return to the game when you can.


Hope surgery is not required and you are back in action soon Brant.


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