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Weekly Events
« on: July 23, 2010, 04:59:58 PM »
As our current calendar program on this forum does not allow us to enter "recurring" events, I have created a new topic. I'm trying to create a list that will stay clean, and have thus locked this topic. Please PM me if I goofed or otherwise missed your local event. ~CD~

What we casually refer to as "League Night" is actually a one-round Mini Tournament. Several divisions are generally honored with a minimum of three players per division, at the TDs discretion. Sign-ups close 10-15 minutes early.

Entry fees vary upon division and location/format, but generally $5 to $7 will get you in, less $1 off for KCFDC members, plus $1 Ace Fund. The KCFDC maintains a separate Ace Fund at most courses, and pays 1/2 of the pot each time an Ace is hit, thus seeding the pot. It is not unheard of for an Ace to be hit week after week at the same course, or for the pot to build for weeks on end.

During CDT (Central Daylight Time) weekday events will normally tee at 6:00pm, but may be up to an hour earlier as we enter CDT and come closer to CST (Central Standard Time).
  • Those items listed in color normally offer a Glow Night^ during CST.
  • Items with a ^ do NOT offer a KCFDC Ace Fund

Weekday Minis $7 Open, $5 All Others
  • Cliff Drive (Central)
  • Prairie Center (South)

  • Old Pike CC^ (May be Doubles) (North)
  • Shawnee Mission (West)
  • Swope (East)

  • Rosedale (Central)
  • Blue Springs--Young (East)

  • Water Works (North)

  • Legacy (May be Doubles) (East)
  • Wyandotte County (West)

Weekend Minis are usually Random-Draw Doubles to speed things along, especially on Saturday so folks may attend both events. Down Under Doubles is $10 per person, with the option for any "cali" player to "pay double to play double". KCFDC Ace Fund may not be in play.
SAT - Winter Hours Only
  • Prairie Center^ (9:00 AM, CST only)
  • Down Under^ (Noon, CST only)

SUN - All year long
  • Pleasant Hill--Lake Shore^ (Noon:30, Year-Round)
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