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Lost and Found at Disc Golf World
« on: July 27, 2010, 12:35:18 PM »
Below is a list of discs that have been returned to DGW in the last several months. We have now called the numbers on all the discs for a second time. Our new policy on returning found discs is that we will hold them for 30 days before they get moved into for sale box. The proceeds of these discs will be used to enhance the 2011 Wide Open.

Here's how we envision how this system works.

1. Return found discs with contact information to DGW.
2. DGW will immediately contact the disc's owner, letting them know that we'll hold it for 30 days.
3. We will enter this information in a spreadsheet.
4. About once a week or so, we'll list the found discs in this thread.
5. If the disc has not been claimed in 3 weeks, we'll attempt to contact the owner again.
6. At 30 days, the disc will be put on sale. Of course, if the owner shows up after that and the disc is still here, they can recover it..

As a point of information, several people do make contact with the found disc's owner, telling them that they intend to bring the disc to DGW. Sometimes they do not do this right away. Thus, until you hear from us, it's likely that your disc has not been returned to us yet.

We thank everyone who attempts to get discs back to their owners. Just remember that the good karma you're earning sometimes takes a while to come around. One of the strengths of our disc golf community is that we have way more people of good will, who try to do the right thing, than mean-spirited people.

Name:    Disc Description   Color
Aaron   TeeBird Champion   Red
Aaron   Arcturus   Blue
Adam   Cyclone Elite Z   Purple Dyed
Adam Foga   Buzzz Pro D   Yellow
Alan   Aviar DX   Orange
Andrew   Valkyrie Star   White
Ben Hilleary   Buzzz Pro D   White
Ben Jangerlys   Wraith Pro   Purp/Yellow Dyed
Brian   Archangel DX   Red
Brian Neenan   Orc Champion   Blue
Brian Newman   Super Drive XL   Green
Brian Taylor   Destroyer Star   Pink
Cap'n Crush   Roc KC Pro   White
Chris Harrington   Viper DX   Red
Chris K.   Demon Glow   Glow White
Clayton   Katana Pro   White
Connor Callahan   Boss Champion   Pink/Yellow Dyed
Dan Forster   Orc Pro   Blue
Dan Fultz   ?? Bird Artwork   Clear
Daty   Orc Champion   Red
David King   Aviar JK Pro   White
Derek N.   Orion Sirius   White
Dustin Leibach   Monarch Champion   Green
Everett   Valkyrie Star   Blue
Ian Chinn   Avenger SS FLX   Red
Jake D.   Avenger SS Elite Z   Blue/Green Dyed
James Baldwin   Beast Champion   Maroon
Jeremy Wade   Flash Elite Z   Yellow/Red Dyed
Joe Dale   Buzzz Elite X   Red Dyed
John   JLS   Yellow
Josh Lawson   Katana Star   Blue
Josh Taylor   Monarch Champion   Red/Blue Dyed
Justin Pickens   Wraith DX   White
Kaylee Drew   Shark DX   White
Kelley   Valkyrie Champion   Blue
Kristian Harmoon   Boss R-Pro   White
M. Fatty   Orc Champion   Blue
Matt   Xpress Elite Z   Red Dyed
Matt Guilliams   Skeeter Star   White
Mike Keizer   Destroyer Star   Pink
Narin Clouse   Buzzz Elite Z   Red
Parker   SL Star   Yellow
Paul Deville   Crush Elite Z   Orange
Philip Elsham   Sidewinder Star   Blue
Rusty   Cyclone Elite Z   Yellow
Rusty   Sidewinder Champion   Yellow
Ryan   Wraith Star   White   XL Elite X   Red/Blue Dyed
Tiger B.   Roc Echo   Black
Tim Richter   Roc KC Pro   White
William Solcolaski   Archangel DX   Red
Willie Woods   Orc Champion   Yellow


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Re: Lost and Found at Disc Golf World
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2010, 12:43:20 PM »
Hell yeah, I thought it was the pink PRO Destroyer I was called about, didn't realize it was that Star one I lost. Don't even remember where I lost that one... ;D


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Re: Lost and Found at Disc Golf World
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2010, 08:44:14 AM »
Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for calling about my assassin. Already picked it up, appreciate what you guys do.


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Re: Lost and Found at Disc Golf World
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2010, 10:58:32 AM »
I think there must be a mistake in the list...there isn't anything about my first run CE Valkyrie that someone found at Rosedale.  :(
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Re: Lost and Found at Disc Golf World
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2010, 11:55:19 AM »
then I'll take back my 3rd run CE Valk I gave you to get you to stop crying about it! 8)
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Re: Lost and Found at Disc Golf World
« Reply #5 on: September 08, 2010, 04:37:30 PM »
The following people have been notified twice over a 30 day period. This is the last chance to pick up these discs before we will dispose of them.

Ben Hilleary         Buzzz Pro D
Ben Jangerlys      Wraith Pro
Clayton              Katana Pro
Dan Forster         Orc Pro
Daty            Orc Champion
David King         Aviar JK Pro
Derek N.         Orion Sirius
Dustin Leibach      Monarch Champion
Jake D.         Avenger SS Elite Z
Joe Dale         Buzzz Elite X
Josh Taylor         Monarch Champion
Justin Pickens      Wraith DX
Kaylee Drew      Shark DX
Kelley            Valkyrie Champion
Matt            Xpress Elite Z
Matt Guilliams      Skeeter Star
Philip Elsham      Sidewinder Star      XL Elite X
Tiger B.         Roc Echo
William Solcolaski      Archangel DX
Willie Woods      Orc Champion
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