Author Topic: YP "DUBS" 8-4-10  (Read 480 times)

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YP "DUBS" 8-4-10
« on: August 05, 2010, 06:52:24 AM »
Had 16 fantastic faces out for a heck of an evening at Young. We had 3 ties. 2 cards with 48 and 55 on them and the weather turned in our favor for once.
There was a playoff between James/Eric and Steve/Seth for the win. Steve/Seth came through the playoff with the win. Dan/Beth used their -2 adv. to take the last of the cash.

Since I and the others that played last night enjoyed the format so much. I do believe this will become an every month deal. Thanks Spencer and Crew for driving out to play Young park. Seen quite a few new faces last night.

Seth Wolzen/ Steven "Bourne" Dresser 48 $20 won playoff.
James Hefner/ Eric Minton                  48 $14
Dan Coffman/ Beth Verstarete             52
Matt Hayes/ Spencer Weatherholt        55
Slim Belcher/ Bill Shinoski                    55
Josh Lawson/ Tom Verstraete              60
Lance Dwyer/ Will Love                       61
John Theiss/ Jay Cram                        61

Back to straight up singles with divisions next week. Bring your friends your game and your bag tags!!!!!!!!!! See ya Then.
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Re: YP "DUBS" 8-4-10
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2010, 12:31:49 PM »
Lost my orange champion wraith ace disc last night along the northeastern edge of the pond on #10 (?).  Let me know if it crawls out of its water grave. 

Fun league Eric! I wish Young Park was closer to my neck of the woods.