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Has there ever been a Doubles or Team league?

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I was wondering if there had ever been a non-random Doubles or Team league here in KC.  Something handicapped to level the playing field for everyone week to week.

Would there even be an interest in something like this?  Maybe run it for 16 weeks, and have the payouts at the end of the season, not each week like the current league set up.  Any thoughts, suggestions?


Maybe this could be a weekend league, that travels to all the different courses in the area?

Kevin Montgomery:
I think it's an excellent idea. Not sure how consistently I'd be able to participate but I'd be interested. We have never had an actual handicap league in KC before to my knowledge. Nor a doubles league that was random draw in some fashion.

Not true.  Swope used to be a doubles only league.  Down Under league is generally a random doubles league.  During the year we have not seen a doubles league in quite awhile, to handicap we would need to have better stats, and then pull up all the leagues from last year and rate people based on the individual league and rate accordingly.  Or you just put yourself into a classifiaction.

Des Moines does there doubles league this way, but they only run one club league a week.

Basically I thought we could run it like a bowling league, details would definately need to be talked about.  But here is how I see it, the first week everyone would just play no handicaps.  You dont actually determine who wins that week until all the handicaps are figured into the equation.  Then you just keep track of scores week by week adjusting averages.  The purpose of the league would be to have the most wins overall not necessarily week by week.  Handicapping it would give everyone a chance week to week and make it more likely other players from different skill levels would play.

I know that they have some software to run a ball Golf league similar to this so, we could probably just plug and play with one of those.  I really like the idea of rotating around to all the courses :)


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