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Ping Pong for disc golfers Saturday before Ice Bowl

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Christian Mann (Madog) is hosting a Ping Pong party with two tables in his unique art studio/gallery the Saturday before the KC Ice bowl.   Please feel free to stop by with your own paddle/beer etc. (The fire department did last year; no fire, just fanatics in a ladder truck) The address is at 19th and Wyandotte in the Crossroads district.  Hang overs are mandatory on my card for the opening round of the Ice Bowl.  -Soup.  (Don't DUI)

Sorry for the repeat.

is there an eraser with that pencil there Soup?

Glad to here your back Soup...

Mark Morales:
A Challenge to all want-a-be Table Tennis players. :) I will pay the host Chris Mann and the KCFDC $25, for any one that can return my backhand, and beat me at what did you say ping pong? And i will let you know that i am a streaky player at best.
Looking forward to a great weekend!


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