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Swope League, 8-24
« on: August 25, 2010, 04:30:49 PM »
Another great night for disc golf at swope and the course was pretty busy with casuals, including a monster card of about 12. Only six of us showed up for the league though, but we did not let that stop us. Many ace runs were to be had this fine evening.

Since there were so many casuals i decided it would be a great night to not observe any mando's. Since i was in a rule breakin mood, no obs were observed that weren't of the concrete variety.

We threw from the short tees yet again, and will continue to do so until the ace pot is hit. If that doesn't encourage some more people to come out then nothing will. It's almost up to $300 now.

Killian, Lee    46
Cashen, Pete   47
Rivard, Jay     47
Lyons, Jason    52
Corbin, Kevin    55
Guinn, Clint     61

Both cards flew through the round in about 90 min. I kind of slow-rolled pete and jay when they told me they shot 47s. I let them start talking about how they were gonna play off when my mind slowly, very slowly, realized i had them beat. I was erratic through the round but finished with 5 straight dueces, and shot a 20 on the front nine. Scores could have been much lower, but a lot of ace runs turned into pars.

Next week tee off still at 6, but we will be on the pads ready to go at 6.
Short tees in effect.
Cooter was here.