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New Course coming to Ottawa

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My hometown is finally getting a course. But we need help. it will be open in mid March at the latest and is on a trial basis until Sept. We need to make surre it is used and kept nice so they will keep it and add the back nine we have also designed.

Spectacular..!  I'll have to get down there and play it this spring.

Kewl. Is it in yet? What park is it in?

Kevin Montgomery:
Have you posted anything on the KDGA board yet?

Maybe you could have an event later in the season to introduce the course.

I'll plan to make a day of it this spring to play Pomona and then Ottawa. That should make for a nice day trip.

Make sure you post directions to the course.

Leo D.:
Keep us posted. I live really close to ottawa, and currently in construction on the new 18 on the free side of pomona. Would love to see this happen!


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