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Workday Planned Saturday, prep work Friday

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There will be a workday at Cliff Drive this saturday morning.  I will be sure to have the gates open to drive in.  Plans include to complete the following:
Finish trail down from 7 to 8 pad.
Remove Temporary baskets 7-11 and place permanent baskets there.
Continue to clear out brush and dead trees along #13
Clear out #14 on the left of honeysuckle
Place alternate pins at #2, #5, possibly #16
Clear out brush and continue alternate trail on #7 to #8 (lower priority but needed)
Determine where to put water fountain at, thinking by #6, with a pad for port-o-potties there as well
Re-spray paint tee Markers
look for 13-18 Big Boulders to use as tee markers, would like to incorporate big rocks as tee indicators, what do you think?
Always pick up trash

I plan on heading out there on Friday, as I am off due to the Holiday.  I will be out there from 9-1 working, then probably play a round.  Don't answer your phone when I call unless you plan on helping.  I am trying to compete with foot traffic at Cliff Drive, as Pete thinks we get none out there!

Come on out and help with the workday on Sat, we will have fun and good times, and Karma will flow through you!



What time do you plan on getting started Saturday?  I might be available for a couple hours in the morning.  Plus it will give a chance to see the course and meet a couple you guys.


Mike Penney:
9 AM to 1 PM......dont be surprised if people dont show up until 10.....and then of course the slackers (you know who you are)that dont show up untill lunch time......

Where are you puting the 5 pin at?  And i'm their dude... :^)

Mike Penney:
Short notice, but I will be out there tomarrow (march 24) one-ish till when ever i feel like playing a round.....If anybody feels like giving me a hand feel free to come out and help!!!! I will be working on alternate trail on #7 to #8 (lower priority but needed). Probably will start playing a round by 4:30.....You are more then welcome to play along.......Could use the company, not that I am opposed to walking out there by myself :lol:  :lol:   :lol:   :!:  
 Come on out it's supposed 60 tomarrow, and if you're reading this you know you don't have anything else to do!!


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