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World Championships - Pro and Am
« on: February 07, 2006, 07:36:55 PM »
Congratulations to the following PDGA members from Missouri and Kansas who have earned invitations to the 2006 Amateur World Championships that will be played in Tulsa in July. To get on the wait list for this event, go to for further information. Invitations for the Pro Worlds that will be held in August in Augusta Georgia will be announced at the end of this week.

FM1 Robin Reimer
FM1 Becky Stebbins Vaughan
FW1 Miranda Fulton
MA1 Dick Parker
MA1 Brad Merys
MA1 Nathan Martin
MA1 Tracy Ruder
MA1 Dirk Hacker
MA1 Joe Hesting
MA1 Ben Taylor
MA1 Robert Hammersmith
MA1 Travis Downing
MG1 Robert Decker
MJ1 Nick Parks
MJ1 William Fagan
MJ1 Trenton Martin
MJ2 Logan Reimer
MM1 Paul Eklund
MM1 Tom Butler
MM1 CJ Johnson
MM1 Don Mordecai
MS1 Charlie Bauersfeld

FM1 Angela Plitsch
MA1 Andrew Klaasmeyer
MA1 Jason Hopkins
MA1 Bradley Chadwick
MA1 John Chapman
MA1 Ryan Schulze
MA1 Aaron Chadwick
MA1 Jack Lowe
MA1 Chris Belpulsi
MJ1 Nikko Locastro
MJ1 Kip Smith
MM1 Ron Robertson
MM1 Chris Lang
MM1 Chris Kinsella
MM1 Mike Thomas
MM1 Ray Vuichard
MM1 Shawn Hopkins
MM1 Randy Mahon

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Pro World Invitations
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2006, 08:46:04 AM »
The PDGA Pro Worlds will be in Augusta Georgia in August. These are all the players from Missouri and Kansas who were invited. For more information, including how to get on the wait list, go to:

FPO Tavish Sanders
MPM Mark D. Martin
MPM Bryan Guthrie
MPM Bruce Hudson
MPO Eric McCabe
MPO Christopher Smith
MPO Kevin Babbit
MPS Jerry R Robbins Sr

FPG Lynne Warren
FPO Kristin Cherry
MPM Ron Klein
MPM David McCormack
MPM LaRon Harris
MPO Justin Bunnell
MPO George R. Smith