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2011 Bag Tags to Be Picked Up


Rick Rothstein:
The following 2011 bag tags are at Disc Golf World waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners:

2   CD Steiner
3   Brian Gammon
6   Nick Winkelbauer
13  Shawn Mcanaw
16  Jon Mcanaw
20  Brian Taylor (also D-Flight Club Championship plaque)
21  Eric Garberg
23  Steve Thimmesch
31  Lee Sarvis
48, 49, 51   Michael Taylor, Anthony Puryear, and Steve Harris (first come first selected)
56, 57. 58. 59: Rusty Scheiterle, Rizzloe Jones, Chris James, Steve Wasko, Angie Biondo (ooops, 5 names for 4 tags. If one of you has their tag, please me know.) (first come, first selected)

There ares still plenty of 2011 tags for sale. The cost is $5 to active KCFDC members.


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