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Anybody want any discs? I've got some that I don't throw a lot but that some of you out there in cyber-land might like. I'll accept cash and I'll look at trades.

175 pro Katana- thrown but in like-new condition
160 r-pro Boss- again thrown, but rarely, basically new
170 star Teebird- throw more, with some minor nicks. has a captain america type shield dye with an LSDiscs logo in the middle
180 star Roc- KC Worlds 20 year Roc. thrown, minor scrapes grey with light grey flecking, looks pretty cool
180 RW-Pro Roc- thrown, very good condition. US masters stamp
175 JK Aviar- Thrown, some minor nicks. LSDiscs Winter meltdown stamp
175 Aviar- Thrown, very good condition. Old Pike stamp

PM me any offers.
I'm looking for trades for Xcals, Destroyers, Teebirds, PDs, Rocs (ranchos), and you can offer anything else and I'll think about it

Kevin Simpson:
Why are you ditching the Captain America teebird?

Because I prefer the max weight varieties.

I got a Star XCal barely used, I'd trade for the RW Roc.


--- Quote from: kchippie on January 07, 2011, 09:06:56 PM ---I got a Star XCal barely used, I'd trade for the RW Roc.

--- End quote ---

Done. Now we just need a time to make the trade... I'll be at Olathe for glow Monday and could potentially go somewhere in the KC area after about 4 PM every day next week. Just let me know


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