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I currently have a Star TeeRex that I love to death but it is white and doesn't do so well in the snow.  ::) Anyways I would love to purchase a used TeeRex from someone that has lightly used it. I think my current one is a 170 or 172 but I will take any weight over 170. Not to picky about the colors but it has to be usable in the snow.

Side note: If you have any Star overstable drivers I might be interested also! I throw Bosses but also like XCals and Maxs. A Drone here and there is great too :)

Thanks, Michael

Got an orange star teerex 171g that I might be interested in getting rid of. Do you have anything you'd be interested in trading?

Ken Franks:
I have a couple dark colored tee-rex's and teeRex X's too... pm me if interested...

Anthony Puryear:
If you don't want to get rid of your favorite t-rex, I have been dyeing discs for a while now. Not "tye-dye" but actual images and such. If you wanted to have me dye your favorite disc, in exchange for something like a disc, cash, beer, etc.. I would be interested in doing that.

Kryptenx- PMed (since he was first)

Ken- If you have sevral toss a couple in your car and bring them to the Ice Bowl. I don't care about X outs as long as the flight plates are messed up. And I could always use an extra or two :)

Anthony- Thank you for the offer but I really like the white disc in the summer time. I have also been dabbling in dying myself so that could be a thought down the road but not to this disc.

Thanks for the quick responses guys! I don't mind buying a new disc at DGW but mine is nice and broke in and I never see people throw them on course so that makes me think there are a few sitting in closets collecting dust.


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