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Does anyone have one of these for sale?  I have found one on the internet but didnt want to pay $30 for it.   PM if you want to get rid of it.   Thanks

Leo D.:
If Rick don't have them then I'd check Lsdiscs & Dynamic Discs. If none there, I guarantee Dennis will have some @ DiscUnlimited.

I didnt see it on any site.  They stopped making in 2007.  Probably rare at this point.

I've got one.  Orange.  Gently loved.  I think it's a 174 ± 2gr.  But I'll have to check at home to be sure on the weight. 

I'd be willing to trade or sell...

Leo D.:
Your not gonna find something that's outdated on their website. Your gonna have to call Bren, Jeremy or Dennis and ask.


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