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Has anyone ever come up with a "long" layout to Yates?  There obviously has been some recent changes and teepad additions, but I'm thinking some craziness here...1 tee to 3 basket, 2 tee to 4 basket and so on.  Throw in a few mandos and you've got yourself a beast of a course.  Yates is pretty highly played so you'd have to take caution and do this when you're the only group around, but unless someone already has a layout made out, I'm considering coming up with one just to give a little mix up for those long bombers.  Thoughts?

when the course went in, i (with john theiss and many others) played a bunch of different "gold" layouts, so to speak.  lots of super fun holes when you start combining them.

What you're talking about it commonly referred to as safari golf. Yes, its been done at Yates, even the same 1-3, 2-4 shots you mentioned. Have you ever thrown #15 from the porch of the empty house across the street? ;D

Does anyone have a specific layout in mind that you could post?  Next time I head up there I may make one of my own, just thought I'd see what others have done...


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