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glow it up at the gully, 6 o'clock. 5 bucks.

glow doubles starts tomorrow, october 11th. same deal, 6 pm, $5 plus optional extras like $1 ace fund, maybe a $2 ctp.
octoberfrizwiz fred fortson is bringing beer courtesy of the summer doubles unclaimed ace fund. we'll be finishing in the dark so bring your glow devices.

Mike LaFontaine:
Reporting that your "Little Willies R Us" web site is down.

glow doubles continues this week, and most likely will every tuesday weather permitting. same as always, $5, $1 ace fund.
everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring a friend. yay!
did I mention free beer? fred fortson has ace fund beer left over from the casual doubles summer league.

awesome! gunna be another good one. Frank and I will be there.

cya then


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