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Lots of Buzzes, Bosses, Wizards, Warlocks, JK Avairs.


If you're looking for bosses, buzzes, warlocks or wizards, I have a lot of them. Star and Champion Bosses. Esp and Crystal Buzzes. Wizards, Warlocks and JK Aviars... Each 5 bucks.

Send me a note.


I trust this doesn't mean you're giving up the game... only those discs, right? Beuhler??

Dan Weinert:
Chris...been swamped with work, Beaver Creek & family stuff.

You still got some of the cheaper rocs???


This is Loomis' thread (not mine), but I have 3 dx Rocs left.

Just to bump this up, Loomis has a BUNCH of unused/lightly used plastic for dirt cheap! He hooked me up for sure and talked me into buying a disc that I wouldn't had bought normally and I am totally in love with it! Thanks again Loomis and I might even hit you up later for some more plastic!

Michael Taylor


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