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Be a part of history-Saturday come help!

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 Be part of making environmental history at Blue Valley Park during Project Blue River Rescue, this Saturday, April 2. This is the 21st annual clean-up of the Blue River; but it's the first year Blue Valley Park has been selected as a site to be included in the river rescue. What does this mean for Blue Valley Park? Perhaps 100 or more volunteers will be turning out to help remove upwards of 600 tires and tons of trash. What is incredible is that Blue Valley Park alone, may have more tires removed on April 2, than all of the other Blue River rescue sites combined! Be a part of the action as we clean out the trees, hillsides, riverbanks & oxbow to provide better habitat for wildlife.
    To be part of this momentous event, come join us at Lakeside Nature Center (4701 E. Gregory Blvd. - Kansas City, MO) at 8 a.m. on April 2. There we will sign in, pick up t-shirts, gloves, trash bags, etc., and grab some free coffee and donuts. Once our group has gathered, we will carpool to Blue Valley Park to begin the clean-up. Wear sturdy shoes or boots, and cargo pants or jeans with belt loops. (The loops make it easier to tie on a trash bag and have your hands free to pick up trash.)
    We will meet back at Lakeside Nature Center for lunch, and then everyone who is able to continue doing river rescue after lunch will return to Blue Valley Park - which has been selected as the primary site for afternoon clean-up.
    Our combined efforts can make a tremendous difference for the health of the Blue River and for wildlife at Blue Valley Park. Let's see if we can set a new record for tires and trash removed during Project Blue River Rescue!

This is a pretty big deal....there are probably over 300 people here @ the swope nature center getting ready to go help clean up not only blue valley but many other parks inthe area....

Click above for before photos

Click above for photos of people helping

Click above for after the clean up

This saturday I could use some help in showing our sport off from 9-4 at Blue Valley.  The more people that we have the better in my mind.  If you are not planning on playing in one of the events this weekend, please take some time out to come out and help show off our sport.

john theiss:
I wanted to be there last Saturday but i have been working on my school playground.  They  poured a 1000 feet of walking trail, been installing outdoor fitness equipment for a fitness track with stations, moving 50+ rr ties for muclh boxes, building a retaining wall, excavating soil, etc etc.  So i was a little busy Sat and Sun.  

i will try to put together a group for saturday.  what time would be best?   i know a few new long arms to KC that would love to play BV.  I am thinking Jordan, Jay, Hose and my noodle arm.

I will more than likely be playing on the 9-holer with practicing from the shelter to happen.

Anytime would be great.  Having people on the Big Course is a plus as well, as it show cases the course to others.  Be mindful on #8 & #9 they will be walking groups through the middle, so please be patient and let them get through.

There is a chance a CHANCE that a delay in the construction of Blue Valley could be a reality.  I would love to have a BIG showing of disc golfers out there this weekend to show off the park.

Again even if you cannot help with the event to teach the sport, coming and displaying your talent would be greatly appreciated.

There is a lot of recent activity within the park, and if we do not show off our desires, these other interested parties may think/feel that we don't want to use the park.

Far from it, now come on out and lets play some golf Blue Valley Style!




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