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The Can tankerous A.N.G:
Played there today, April 23. Fairways mostly mowed, but the dandelions and small purple flowers make the course more beautiful than usual.  Yeah for BV!

new playground, water fountain, and parking lot? looks like we have some improvements at bv. there is now a working water fountain near the shelter between #10 basket and #11's tee.
the coolest thing has to be the swope picnic table, apparently dismantled and lovingly reassembled at the edge of the new playground. they also removed the 100 year old osage orange tree on the west side of the parking lot. only about a zillion hedge apples laying everywhere.
blue valley park keeps getting better.

And more improvements to come.  I went to a city meeting last night asking for more work to be done here.....at Cliff, at WaterWorks, and at Swope.  We shall see how much of that gets accomplished.  On a good note the additions that you speak of, though not Disc Golf related, will be a benefit to all in the park including us.  That project was financed with money that was earmarked to continue to add on to the existing course out there and create additional courses.  Hopefully since that finance vanished in this project, the new request will again be viewed favorably and approved so that we may continue to see improvements in what is realistically one of the best most under utilized parks in the city.

Thanks for noticing!

A buddy and I played a round at Blue Valley this afternoon and the course looks great.  The mini-water park near the #1 tee lot is very cool and should *hopefully* bring more families out there instead of sketchy people.  Their were new short pads on 9 and 10 that should bring some more short-arms out there in the future.  The roughs weren't cut recently, but not bad to look for discs in.  The fairways looked good. 

All in all, the course is looking good and I want to put it in my play rotation more often. 


How many new tees are being put in?  I know of #9 and #10.  Are there others?


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