Author Topic: Scores-BACA Hitting the Chains, June 4th Young Park  (Read 979 times)

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Scores-BACA Hitting the Chains, June 4th Young Park
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:22:38 PM »
In case you did not hear about the event, you got to hear how well this tournament was run. 
-First of all, i believe every hole was sponsored.  That in itself is a feat to go out find that many sponsors and hats off to Tom Henderson for the leg work there. 
-Second, the players pack was spectacular: shirt, disc, mini, bbq lunch(top shelf with great sides, fruit, deserts, soda), and a coozie.     
-Third, there were CTP during the round for a disc which is always fun. 
-Fourth, there were raffle prizes(everyone entered for free) including 2 Race tickets for tomorrows race at Kansas Speedway valued at over $400,  discs, disc shirts, disc hats, etc. 
-Fifth, there were trophies for each division-1st, 2nd, and 3rd which is sweet!   
-Sixth, there were travel baskets for each division as a ctp prize.  And the overall closest winner got  a metal innova sport basket.  Redonkulous!  Are you kidding me? 

This event was sick.  Top notch all the way.  Tom and his wife  have never ran an event, but  you would have never ever known becuase it was flawless.  They also had some great help from their friends from South Carolina who came up and assited, along with family members, and members of their bbq competition team.   Fantastic job everyone and thanks for a really fun day. They raised money for a great cause and they went first class all the way.  We kept telling one another how cool this event was and how great it was organized.  It is nice to see some new faces stepping up and running events and getting involved in such a great disc golf scene.


John Theiss  60    57    117
William Love   61 65    126
Tony Dutiel   60 71     131

Mark Martin     60   56    116
Gary Lewis     60  58     118
Tom Verstraete  67  67  134
Kevin Weiss     66   70   136
Steven Glover  72    73   145

Rec Men  short pads 1st round  -long pads 2nd round
Paul Beard          45   61  106
Travis Daetwuker  53   62  115
Bill Shinoski         51   67    118
Kent Kelly           54    73     127
Jim Ramey           55  75     128
Noah Welshans     57   75    132
Joe  Landry         55   84      139
Jesse Pettibon      57    84    141
Michael Schelp    58      88    146

Tiffany Kelly         59   56      115
Anna  Baldwin      62    68     130
Luaren  Weiss      71   78      149

Issac Colson         81    77      158
Cont..? Goettling    87     77     164
Jacob Crowley        86     95     181
Cameron Colson      94     105    199


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Re: Scores-BACA Hitting the Chains, June 4th Young Park
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2011, 12:16:13 PM »
A Very friendly TD and staff willing to bend over backwards to make sure everything was top notch.
I saw sponsors on not just the long pads but also the short tees.
Very impressive spread for lunch.
The prize giveaways was insane!!!
A travelers basket for each division CTP Plus a metal basket for overall CTP.
Plus the drawing they had including tickets to the Nascar race that Mark Martin won and other schwag they drew names for.
And my hat goes off to Parks and Rec plus John and company for having a neat course in place and having it cut, trimmed and ivy sprayed.
Very worth while cause + everything else I mentioned + A great disc golf experience = PRICELESS!!
Thanks again to Tom and his staff.
Great job.
Steven Disc Glover