Author Topic: First ANnuALl Tank Putting Contest Results  (Read 841 times)

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First ANnuALl Tank Putting Contest Results
« on: June 14, 2011, 04:47:17 PM »
We had 26 great people attempt their fate at the Frank the TanK Putting contest, sponsored by Tower Tavern.

 It was a beautiful evening with temps in the high 70's, low 80's

 There was 6 putting stations set up, with 12 total putts.
    Replicating the 1-6 pin in bowling, with front 3 worth 1 point each( approx 26 feet), second row, 2 points each( approx 36 feet) and the 1 pin being from 42ish feet, with an elevation of approx. +6. worth 3 points, per make. Each station had 2 putters, with a perfect score of 20

 The Finals included:
 HalBaby Kurz          14
 Garrett Gurthie       14
 Eric McCabe            13
 Philo Braithawait      12
 Dutch Napier           12
 TanK                      12

 In the end, I was Crowned the putting champion, but more importantly, we raised $126 for Joplin Tornado Relief fund. I am Donating in the name of KCFDC and the KCWO.

 I took a hand full of disc out of my stock as prizes and was honored enough to have have a few donation. 3 time US distance champion, GG, donated 2 champ tee birds, our current world champ Emac donated 2, 2011 autographed "Tour across America" discs. Avery donated a signed disc golf card on top of the free gourmet pizzas and beers.

 First round, I played with a gentlemen who had a very tough 13 holes and decided he had enough. Regardless of Nate Doss and I's encouragement to continue, he decided it was best that he just quit. I later found out he was from Joplin and lost everything he owned and was looking for a refuge from the mayhem.

 In an attempt to draw as much moneyto the event I felt obligated to donate a 2006 USDGC Roc in a raffle. The raffle was won by G-Money Gary Harvey.

 Just in reliving this moment in my head, I wanna donate another $20, to bring us to a total of $146.00, to disc golfers that reside in the affected area.

 Thanks to Jack Lowe, our fearless TD, for making the largest donantion of the evening, too bad your putts looked like an octopus falling of a tree...:~)

 Thanks for everyone that supported Tower Tavern and our continuous reach out to the betterment of our community...

 Another great Wide Open....

 Cheers to 30!!!!

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Re: First ANnuALl Tank Putting Contest Results
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2011, 04:49:28 PM »
I only wich I had 8-arms!  Thanks Tank, it was fun, and thanks to Damon and Tower for letting us once again have a great time at Tower!
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