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Frustrated with last outing

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Took my 10-year old daughter to WYE the other night because the one in Blue Springs is just too tough for her and we were hoping for an easier time on an easier course.

I've done this course before, once with my wife and once with my son, so I was familiar with it.

Imagine our surprise when many of the holes had moved with no real indication of where they were now.  The pictures no longer matched and some had no picture at all, though one was replaced with a hand-drawn taco.  From a few of the tees you can even see 3 baskets, so which one should we use?

In the end we would just pick a basket and use it, even though it may not have been the correct one.  We made sure our fun overshadowed our frustration.

Is there any map anywhere that shows the correct current layout so as to prevent this frustration and confusion?

Also, what is the correct protocol for handling rule breakers like the 2 dorks we were following that were toting their 6-pack of buds?



As for the 6-pack, I would let them konw that this is an elementary school, and that alcohol is prohibitted, and that a quick call to the police is all it may take to remove the course.  If they continue to follow with the 6-pack in tow, make the call.  People should understand at an elementary school, its not proper to have alcohol.  ONe would think that they have a brain....but......

SOrry that they map/layout is tough there.  I know that from personal experience though you can still have a great time on a course creating your own 18 hole configuration.  Based on the small footprint that Yates has it easy to see this as a problem, but as you stated you made it more fun than frustrating, which in all honesty is half the battle!

Since this is on school property, it tends to be thought of as the school's and doesn't have as much attention to it from our club as it may need.

THanks for pointing this out.  I am hopeful that the people that made it less than desireable were also not put into a frustration point for you and the family to enjoy.

The course tees and baskets were moved in 2009 I believe just before worlds. The new pins are not far from their original locations as only 4 baskets were even moved. Some of the tee pads now have a "long tee" option, but the short pads are still present and playable.  As far as signage is concerned, hopefully a few new signs can be made in the near future for the few holes that now have another pin location. Your best bet is to contact John Theiss, the course designer and coordinator.  With the players drinking alcohol out there, it is a no tolerance policy and in the future don't be afraid to call the authorities on them. There has been talk about the course being pulled because of this stuff so we need to stop it when we can.

john theiss:
it used to be super easy to follow.  however, some signs had to be pulled from vandalism.   i got tired of them being destroyed or asking my dad to play bob villa and fix them.  there is a course map on hole one.  

i know there are some indep police officers that play out there.  i just wish they were there when folks were breaking the law.  

the baskets need nickels(number plates) but i believe the poles are labeled so u might have to walk up to the basket and take a look.  

i will move the baskets back to the original pins today and they will match the signs.  i have not moved them in forever.  I will see if one of our tech folks in the club(dicky p) would like to add a  new pin placement on the tee sign pics for  four of the holes that have 2 pin placements.

There are posts and tee pads pointing to the hole to help you navigate.  plus there are some paving stones under most of the baskets pointing to the next basket.

My frustration probably stemmed from my inexperience and the fact that everything was exactly as I expected it to be the last time I played but not so this time.

I'll go with the flow and expect some small bumps in the road and know that no matter what, we had a great time playing.

Now If I could just throw with more accuracy on my drives I'd be happier.  :-)


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