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Frustrated with last outing

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Also, what about the donor plaque for hole #10? I know some dude who donated a Benjamin to adopt that hole, and there is still no plaque depicting his family's name on the tee sign. This dude's kids are almost done with elementary school and won't have much time left to brag to their buddies about having their names on the course. Just putting that out there... ;D

john theiss:
Mike, i will ask eric if he can come up with something from his  work.  all the prices at that time were around $20 which is an injustice to a donation.  It is also just as bad not to get the plaque up. 

i moved all baskets back to original pin placements. 

Mike, i will get something done this summer and totally dropped the ball.  no excuses.  i will get on this and get it going. 


--- Quote from: john theiss on July 01, 2011, 01:15:17 PM ---i moved all baskets back to original pin placements.
--- End quote ---

excellent John.  thanks.  i'll bring the kids this weekend!

John, and everyone else...
just to say I was glad to see only 1 beer can on the course last Friday...lots of QT cups though.  Still, that's a huge improvement! 



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