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The Bird Father:
The Kansas City Flying Disc Golf Club Tag System Rules 2006

1. Tags must be attached to bags in a visible location and carried at all times.

2. You MUST play with other tag holders on your card at any KCFDC event. Off-card challenges should be limited to one individual choice, you can accept or decline off-card challenges.  Off-card challenges will be settled after on-card challenges.

3. You may not hide or withhold a tag when you have a lower number.

4. If you have to leave during a challenge round for any reason you will forfeit your tag and graciously accept the highest numbered tag in the group.

5.  If you lose your tag you may be able to PURCHASE a new one depending upon availability, you must also notify a member of the EC if tag 1-10 is lost.

6. If you have a tag you must play in one club event each month.

What about double events?  If we are to have a doubles league, or as is the case in Down Under league, can a tag challenge be refused?  I mean it is a KCFDC event, or because it is a single tag, you have an option to accept challenges if your team members on the cards all agree on a methos that everyone works with prior to the round completion.  IS there any special circumstances for doubles?

Just asking for trouble here huh?


The Bird Father:
Actually Brain and I played doubles Friday with some others and it worked out fine.  We just decided which ever team won got the better number.

Now if all 4 people had a tag then it would be a little funky, but I'm sure you could figure something out.  Like the winning team gets the best 2 numbers from the 4 bag tags then the winning team can determine who gets the better of the 2 numbers by which one of them had the better number to start with.

But it still doesn't really clarify the ruling.  I think that TAGS should be a SINGLES only event, if everyone on the card agrees on doubles, then fine, but it is clearly the option of all parties , I think that should be the rule, since you never know who your partner can be.  Most people will figure it out, but we shuold be covered.



The Bird Father:
That is how we played last night in doubles, everyone on the card agreed to play, then before hand Bob accepted an off-card challenge from Dick, but on-card challenge's take presedence so Brian got Bob's tag before Dick and Bob exchanged.


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