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Flying J:
Finally got my -18 from the short tees.  Needed an ace to do it, but it's done.  Now I can work on my -13 personal best from the longs. 

Got an 18 under?  Post it here!

that's good shootin Jose.  did you have to use a mid on any of the shorts or was it all putters?

john theiss:
some baskets are in the easier placements now so -18 is easier to get.    shooting -18 from the longer pads and harder pin placements is a mistake free round and a great round


Jose got -13 and I got -12 from the long pads. Especially with the summer foliage, shooting much better than that will be tough but it can be done!!

Oh and John, c'mon man give a little respect where respect is due. -18 is good no matter what course and no matter what placement. Not many people could hack it, even at Yates. Just sayin.


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