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john theiss:
-18 is great and good shooting Jose.  not trying to steal his thunder but just saying that the course is not playing as hard as it can, especially from the shorts.

we should start up a new players league out there or a league that lets the newbies throw the shorts and the adv throw the longs and keep everyone in the same division.  i would be interested in the scoring deviation and wonder how close the scores might be.

Flying J:

--- Quote from: will on August 02, 2011, 09:46:40 AM ---that's good shootin Jose.  did you have to use a mid on any of the shorts or was it all putters?

--- End quote ---

Thanks.  I drove with a Roc every time except for holes 3, 12, 13, and 15.

Flying J:
I know it's set in the easiest placements right now.  But it still took me many tries to get the -18.  When every shot counts, even the easy shots become a bit harder because of the pressure I'd put on myself.   Anyway, like I said.  If you have a -18, post it.

The Bird Father:
Otto and Todd shot an 18 down at swope one time....that is the only other one I have heard of....maybe some down under leagues??

I have played Yates a hundred times, and have never thought to use the short tees. That's where the first graders play from in gym class! ;D


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