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Changes in the KCFDC Board of Directors
« on: August 02, 2011, 09:04:14 PM »
The KCFDC Board of Directors has gone through a number of changes this year, for various reasons. The latest changes have come about with the resignation of Drew Neitzel, President. He made a move to Wisconsin for his wife’s employment situation. His leadership was appreciated, and will be missed.
The leadership now in place, to serve the remainder of this term is as follows:

Becky Stebbins, President
John Theiss, Vice President, MO
Jim Sherwood, Vice President, KS
Chris Timko, Secretary
Tavish Carduff, Treasurer
Dick Parker, Chief Technology Officer
Jack Lowe, At Large Member
Van Spratford, At Large Member
Kristie Svejda, At Large Member

It is our hope to serve the club to the best of our abilities. Please feel free to contact board members with your thoughts, questions and ideas.


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Re: Changes in the KCFDC Board of Directors
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2011, 09:17:12 PM »
Our next elections are scheduled for November 5, we will be looking for 4 people to run on the board in addition to the 5 remaining individuals.  Individuals currently on the board, may opt to re-run in order to maintain some consistency with the Board of Directors (BoD), or can be 4 new people altogether.  
I for one do not plan on running again for the BoD.  I hope to continue to support local disc golf through a variety of efforts, including continual partnerships with Civic and community leaders to help infrastructure needs of Disc Golf locally.  I also hope to help in events to attract guests to our fine stable of courses.  I can't speak for anyone else on the board as to their decisions in the future, but mine at this time is heading to work on more designs of new courses and possibly at a more national level for the sport.

It is time for others to help our local community.  I will never be far in my stance nor love for disc golf in Kansas City, and I hope to still be an integral part of disc golf locally, just not on the BoD.  There are many fine people to help continue the disc golf legacy that Kansas City has built.  I will help when asked, and sometimes when not asked, because that is of course my nature.

THe best thing that you can do as you read this is to get involved with the club and see the power that a group can do.  Our community is blessed to have as many people in it that love our sport, this is why we continue to grow, and this is why we continue to need additional help from everyone here that we can.

Help us by helping yourself, be a part of the solution to help make Kansas City a great place, be a part of making our disc golf community the best in the world by helping spread the word of our sport, and donate some of your time to make it great!



Section 2.   The number constituting the Board shall be fixed from time to time by the general membership but shall be no less than seven and no more than thirteen.  Ideally the number of Board members shall be nine.  At any time the number of Board members shall constitute an odd number of seven, nine, eleven, or thirteen.  Each director shall hold office a minimum of two years, and then subject to renewal of position by a vote of the general membership, resignation, retirement, removal, disqualification or his successor shall have been elected and qualified. Directors need not be residents of Missouri to serve on the Board.  Upon passage of these bylaws, the General Membership at the annual meeting will elect new board members yearly. (even years will leave even minority on the board, and odd years will leave odd majority, i.e. 2011 will have 5 members staying and as such voting on 4 at large members, 2012 will have 4 members staying, and 5 at large members voted entrance (thus based on 9 board positions, additional numbers may alter with board level) based on criteria listed within the bylaws.  Initially in year 2010 there will be 9 board members, additional board members must be approved prior to voting for members of the board by a vote of the general membership at the annual meeting.  The board shall ask for 4 resignations in 2011from the board.
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