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work day this Saturday- 9:00 am

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john theiss:
Yates needs some love.  It has been a little neglected.  Much work on the eastern side has been giving to Young or P Hill and it is time to get out there. we are going to put  concrete in number 4's tees due to them washing out, relocating an old pad and using the materials on another, installing some new fly pads, spraying for ivy, staining the tee signs, emptying trash, trimming etc.

Several small projects but plenty of things so there is something for anyone that is interested.  There will be some work that is not as back breaking.  please come out and give a hand for a little while. 


I'll be there. Bringing at least two people. C'mon out everyone. This course needs a little facelift and it won't take long if we have plenty of help!

will you still be there after lunch time John?  is this an all day deal?

john theiss:
i will need to wrap it up around 1:00 for other obligations but i am  not sure how long Jordan is sticking around.  He plays out there all the time.  He could definately point some folks in the right direction of what needs to be done.

Hope to see everyone out at Yates tomorrow so we can get it cleaned up quickly (starting around 9:00 AM).  John is on a tight time schedule, but if we get plenty of people out it won't take long.  We've already got 5 confirmed so far.  Here's a list of things that IMO need to be done up at Yates (with John's approval of course):

Repaint Mando indications on trees
Concrete pad on #4 long pad
Trim a few trees/bushes on hole #4 in general
Weedeat around baskets (route to #5 left pin, down by the creek #6, etc.)
Trim the cedar that is partially blocking #7 basket
Fallen tree(s) on #10 needs to be cleaned up/move the log that rests next to the basket?
Also open up the anhyzer/flick route if possible on #10
Pull timbers from old #11 pad and use on new #11 long pad/concrete?
Possibly move the sign on #11 long as it causes you to be very cautious throwing RHBH
Input new flypad on #13 down by the trees behing #12 basket
Basket on #16 has been bent by vandals.  Maybe swing it around so you putt on the side that is not bent or replace the basket with practice basket.
Trim the window for #17 long anhyzer/flick route
Repaint #18 long teepad on concrete

So that's just what I've got off the top of my head.  John also wants to spray the ivy, restain the tee signs, take out trash, etc.
As you can see there is a lot to be done.  This is a great little course and one that can be cleaned up quickly with a little help.  C'mon out, throw a few discs, and support the KC disc golf community!


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