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work day this Saturday- 9:00 am

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john theiss:
Great work day.  we got a ton of work done and much thanks to team J's.

thanks to Jeremy, Jacob, Jordan, Josa and one other J, bu i can't remember his name.  Maybe Jordan will post all that was done.  I had to a littl leave early but there is a long and impressive list. The best is the new long pad on hole 13.

Thanks again everyone.  All new faces out there helping which is fantastic to see at a workday.

Here is a list of things that got knocked out at Yates yesterday:

#6 - Concrete on both short pads
#11 - now has an actual tee pad on the long tee
#13 - new tee placement back behind the trees behind #12 basket
All tee signs were re-stained as well as the big sign on #1
All mando trees were repainted
Jose went to TOWN on the poison ivy w/ John's deadly chemical sprayer
Several trees trimmed as well as brush
#7 now has a long placement (originally intended for #9 long, but it works ;))  It's long and right of the normal placement
#5 - basket moved back to the left placement
#16 - rebent the basket back to it's normal shape

There are still some things that need to be done including taking the tree down that fell on #10, replanting #14 tee sign that was turned around backwards, repainting the tee pad for #5 long and #18 long, putting in a new tee pad on #4 long as well as trimming up the tree line up to the basket, etc.  Next workday will hopefully be sometime in the near future.

We all had a lot of fun and it's good to see Yates looking in good shape again!  As John said, thanks to all the J's (John, Jordan, Jacob, Jose, Jeremy and Justin (as well as John's dad who helped out for most of the morning)).  Go on out to Yates sometime soon and check it out everyone!!!


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