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Workday Saturday April 2nd


Kevin Montgomery:
There will be a workday at WyCo this Saturday. Trimming of trees, cutting of some brush and brush removal as well as placing the new replacement basket for the #11 basket that was stolen. This will result in getting the practice basket back in place. We may get permission from the parks department to have a burn pile. If this is the case the workday could be very productive and we can begin to eliminate a great deal of the crap next to #17 fairway as well as other brush we could haul to the pile.

Kevin Montgomery:
It's official. Weather permitting, we will be burning brush at WyCo this Saturday, 4/2/05. Bring your gloves and help us clear up the brush on #17 and elsewhere.

Kevin Montgomery:
Now it's completely official. I have a burn permit from the City of Bonner Springs in hand and verbal permission from Wyandotte County Parks. We can burn from sun-up to sun-down for ten days if we want. Only a single pile but it can be 10'x10' by 8' high. Tomorrow should prove to be a very productive day at WyCo for clearing brush. Please bring your gloves and plan on helping to haul brush to the pile tomorrow. We will be burning pretty much in the middle of #17 fairway to the north of the current nastiness along the wood line there. The goal is to get all of the small stuff from that area burned as well as other brush and limbs from along the entire tree line, #4, #7, etc... Additional trucks to haul limbs from other locations will be handy. I have one truck but the more the merrier.

I hope to see you there. The club will be providing lunch and beverages for all workers. The work will start at 9:30am.

Kevin Montgomery:
The WyCo workday this past Saturday was a huge success. We had a total of nine official workers including myself.

Thanks to Bryan Guthrie, Sean Gibson, Mike Penney, Jeff Campbell, Greg Neu, Christian Mann, Dirk Hacker and my son-in-law Chris Bergen. Special thanks to Bryan for showing up early and putting forth extra effort in dragging brush and to Mike Penney for keeping me company as we baby-sat the fire well after dark to make sure it was safe to leave.

Also, special thanks to the group of five that played through early on and stopped to drag brush for a few minutes. It's great to see folks out playing that will pause to help out even for a short time. Every little bit helps.

The fire grew quite large and the weather cooperated perfectly. The brush pile on #17 is now less than half the size it was when we started. Major trimming was done on #7 and all of the brush from that was burned as well. The new basket is in place and the practice basket is back. We will have to deal with a bare spot in #17 fairway for a while due to the location of the fire but it was worth it. Some grass seed and a little rain and it shouldn't take long to green back up.

I hope to see a great group out there this Friday and Saturday for League and Kan-U-WyCo. The long range forecast is calling for beautiful weather both days.

Kevin Montgomery


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