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I have had some great questions presented to me about the Paradise Pointe Disc Golf Complex…let me answer a few of them here-

QUESTION- Can we bring beer and alcohol into the park?
ANSWER- Absolutely…we just ask that you pack out what you bring in! (and of course, be responsible and in control)

QUESTION- Are dogs allowed in the park?
ANSWER- YES…but they need to be leashed and we would appreciate if you pickup after your pet.

QUESTION- Do the disc golfers need to wait for vehicles & pedestrians to pass before we throw?
ANSWER- Absolutely…we share this park with many groups of people who are here for various reasons. Always give both vehicles & pedestrians the right of way on those holes where that may be an issue. Common sense folks!

QUESTION- When will the t-pads be poured?
ANSWER- Beaver Creek work should begin before October 2011, with the rest of the courses to follow.

QUESTION- What’s that gravel path that goes by so many of the baskets?
ANSWER- A new, extensive 10’ wide, black asphalt walking trail that snakes through all 3 courses. This gives us rewards in so many ways- Natural out of bounds, great cart path for the beer cart ladies, an ADA friendly complex and a spectacular gallery path for the many spectators that our events are sure to be hosting soon!

QUESTION- What’s next Dan?
ANSWER- First, get Beaver Creek, Black Thorn & Woodhenge all in, functional and prettied up. Then, I will take on the redesign on the Camp Branch Course to make that a super sweet 18 hole course. After that boys and girls…SKY’S THE LIMIT!!!
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