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Kevin Montgomery:
Recent work at Clover Dell:

New left pin on #6
New Long left pin on #1
Lots of cedars removed on #4, #5 and #6 and several trimmed up at the bottom.

Now have alternate pins on all holes but #2, #7, #8.
Alternate long tees on #1, #2 and #4 are there but people seem to forget about them. I think signs on those holes are in order.

We have a new sign letting people know the course is there but still need a marquee. The Lions Club has offered to build the marquee.

There is a bump in the road for the planned nine-hole expansion. They want to see more people playing to justify the added expense of maintaining the course (mowing). I ran into some new players Saturday that plan to lobby for the expansion but the proposed layout was nixed. A new layout proposal is in the works.

Still meeting at 5:30 on Mondays until DST goes away. Then twice a month on Saturday morning at 10am is the plan.

It's a slow go but disc golf is slowly catching on in Sedalia. Look for a larger event there in the spring, especially if the expansion goes through.


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