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BIg card playing tonight, just teed off on 17 and walking away from tee when we are all surprised by a rapid popping on gregory just east of the entrance. Took us a second to realize they were gunshots, heard people screaming and yelling. We are all kind of squatting down on 17's fairway when an suv kind of slowly drives across whatever road the entrance to swope is. It drives onto the grass right beside that little set of bleachers by the field closest to gregory. I really thought whoever was driving was shot the way it was rolling to a stop.

I'm sitting there watching this scene thinking wow that was some crazy shiz, when 4 dudes with braids bail out of the suv and start unloading. I would have to say anywhere from 30 -50 shots were fired. By then we had all tucked tail and were croutch running the hell out of there. It was over in maybe 30 seconds i'm not sure. Then we saw the dudes who were definetely out of bullets running off into the neighborhood behind the fields across from hole 4. It when from wow was that a shoot out, kind of cool, to this is definetely not cool is everybody still standing. We were all kind of standing around looking at each other in a daze, saying holy effing shti.

Couple of minutes earlier and we are all putting on 16 basket out by the road, would not have been a good place to be. They had to have been firing right across the downward slope past 16's basket. Never gonna look at that hole the same.

3 guys were teeing off on 16, we had a 7-some, and quite a few people were in or around the parking lot. So the park was decently busy. By the time i left police and fire men were every where.

Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy.
Glad no golfers were hit, but the swope park legacy continues.

wow thats crazy,not even the weekend,glad nobody was shot,anybody want to play glow there?

Yeah, it was super scary!  I ditto Lee in saying I'll never view that area of swope the same!


--- Quote from: kidmills on October 06, 2011, 08:09:36 PM ---wow thats crazy,not even the weekend,glad nobody was shot,anybody want to play glow there?

--- End quote ---
no shizzle glow starts this tuesday at 6 pm, bring your lights and your nines!

Haven't been a big glow player before, no damn way you could get me to play glow at swope now.


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