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I'm really just starting to get into disc golf.  I played a bit in college w/ some friends, but hadn't played much since.

I'm looking to add a few disc to my currently pathetic collection, but I'd like a few suggestions.  I'm a right-handed forearm thrower.

Is there a certain type of disc that somebody might recommend for a forearm thrower (looking for a driver mostly).  Right now I'm using a Valkyrie for distance, but I'd like something a bit better.  I'm looking at the following: Destroyer (I've tried a friends a love it), Terminator, Nuke, Wraith and Force.

Are there any forearm throwers that have had better success with one type of disc over another?

I have yet to buy my own disc,  What I have is what has been given to me by friends.
avenger ss


i find nuke one of my favorite forehand disc (i am mainy forehand thrower). boss is a real good one i could give it a good 350ft toss any day it is just a faster destroyer. ape is a good one but it will go hard right no matter what. teerexX is a good one if u want a controlled one little less distance then the others but hits the target most of the time.

Thanks for the info.  I'll definitely give those discs a look.

I use the TeeRex for a controlled forehand drive also, but when I want big D using a forehand I use a Z Crush.

Silly leaf, big D is more than 200 feet.


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