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rule 1, keep your most current tag on your bag - it's always in play for casual rounds, leagues and tourneys- if you don't want to lose your tag, shoot better than your opponents, it's just a game, not a sport.
rule 2, make an off card challenge, it's more fun for everyone.
rule 3, if you're not golfing regularly why the flock did you getta tag to begin with?

The Big Smooth:
Yeah I think there needs to be clarification by the club as to what year tags are in play when. It seems kind of obvious that if you have a 2012 tag that the 2011 season is over. Granted I am talking about beer league now but they posted a picture where they were playing for 2011 and 2012 tags. To me that would be kind of like contesting the 2011 and the 2012 world series of poker at the same time. When one ends the other begins, right? If the club wanted golfers playing for the 2011 tags why did they spend the money on 2012 tags so early?

Why are the 2012 cars out in September? ;D

THe championship determines the initial offering of the tags, and therefore shiould be viewed as the "new year" for tags after the meeting when they are distributed.

You can always play for older tags, but I would think that you would want to keep it in the same year.  The tags this year with the varying historical icons on them may be a little more collectable to some though.

As for the tags in play, the rules were morphed that the top 10 were supposed to be played in league once a month, this is why the league sheets and some scorecards have TAG # on them, to track the tag to ensure that its not being used as a dust collector at home.

Though I took #3 from St. Louis, and Dan had #12 from there in 2006 I think, and brought it home, so sometimes it is impossible to prevent.  I did return to St. Louis though and played and left with #78, they were much happier that day then when I left with #3...

Can someone post all of the rules? Having only been a member of the club since this past summer, I didn't know all of the rules with regards to tags. Since I have the 2012 #10 tag, clearly there are some rules such as when they came into play that I didn't know. I just assumed it would become effective January 1. I will be sure to get my tag out there. Thanks for the help.

Here is the most basic of tag rules.

Don't be a pussy, if its on your bag then play for it.

Don't want to play for it, take it off your bag and come up with some pussy excuse of why you don't have it.

In general don't be a puss.


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